Final Reflection

This semester has been a long journey. I didn’t know what to except from this course. Let alone understand digital story telling. I’m very old fashion and love to stay in my own bubble. I wasn’t comfortable posting online, and struggled to post sometimes. I enjoyed the #dda’s because it was a way for me to get out of my comfort zone and get creative. A true highlight for me is understanding, that when I need help, I should definitely seek help. I struggled throughout the course with being digitally challenge, but everyone was willing to help me. I appreciate all the help that I received throughout the semester.

I enjoyed, the first two months of the semester. Going on virtual tours, or having online video chats and understanding the digital word. This part of class was a learning experience. I didn’t know literature was growing digitally, because I enjoy buying a book at a bookstore and reading it. I enjoy turning the pages of a book, and I love the smell of books. It just brings a sense of comfort.

I loved creating a blog, and being able to style it to my liking. It took me almost half the semester to figure out all of the setting. Plus, I had help by Professor.Levine. But I finally got the hang of things. This class has been an outlet for me. A way for me to connect with others and write creatively. I enjoyed every aspect, of this journey.

My favorite class of this semester is when everyone shared a short story or poem they wrote. I only wish that I had something prepared for that one class.  This class was very emotional and moving. Everyone in class our great writers. I liked to share a short poem inspired by my faith.

Holy Spirit

Tears of Joy flowing down my face.

A burning feeling in my chest.

A weight just lifted off my shoulders.

That my friend is the work of the Holy Spirit.

My broken heart is mending.

My sins are set free

The stress I once felt, has drifted away.

That my friend is the Holy Spirit.

My chains are now broken.

He has set me free.

I’m not the person I once was, because he lives in me.


I think I’m going to continue writing on my blog. It helps me get my voice out in the world. I actually enjoy taking time once a week to write about my accomplishments or downfalls with the digital world. This class has brought me out of my shell a little. I enjoyed every mission, or weekly assignment, it has shown me my strength and weaknesses. I hope that after this journey I continue to grow as a writer, and go beyond my comfort zone.


Till next week…….




A Letter from Venflr Xexiatgm

Dear Victoria,

I can see you have grown as a writer, and as a digital artist. Your journey has just begun. It is time for you to spread your wings, and write, write, write. You should not be afraid or intimidated by what others may say. Just prepare yourself for a long journey. Most writers have to have a good back bone, and a great imagination. I can tell you have both. You must only have the confidence to see it in yourself. You may have challenges to face, like rejection, but don’t let that knock you down. You have faced a lot of challenges throughout this semester. Like battling the digital word, and learning how to embrace it. You have improved your skills. You have great way of seeing things, but are not very realistic. I can see you going really far in life, as long as you are dedicated. Your world is full of surprises, and it is time for you to challenge yourself more. Arganee is almost done recovering and I don’t know when I will see you again. I hope you can write me back soon and encourage me with your human words. I can’t wait to hear from you.


Fgct Xkevqtkc,

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#DDA and Weekly updates

I’m not sure which week we are on anymore. I can barely keep track since we are moving in a different direction. I fumbled in class a few times when we went through mission one. My laptop would not save the avatar so I had to play with my phone and laptop. I was very frustrated, but didn’t want any help because I knew that after playing around with my computer, I would eventually figure it out. I do want to thank those that helped me throughout the mission. I appreciate the advice and pointers. I am officially ready to start the game this month. I know that Venfir is ready to embark on making a recipe but she informed me that she isn’t sure what she is going to make yet. She opened her basket and shared the ingredients with me.

Level: Chef

Your basket:

Main Ingredients:
software developer
chia seeds
red cabbage

Spice Pack:
1/8 teaspoon of eagerness

1/2 tablespoon of zest


Trying to figure out a recipe for a new portal, or maybe for a device. Only Venfir can figure this out, with the help of her teammates.

On another note I enjoyed doing the #dda’s this week. One must be in tune with their imagination and stomachs for some of the dda post.


and my favorite #dda is from last week, and Professor Levine retweeted my post.

When South and North exchange places you get Victoria’s #dda93 post.

My inspiration was my sister her doesn’t know I took a picture of her map upside down. She herself had installed her map like this once without realizing. When my sidekick helps inspire me with my #dda’s.








Week 9- Becoming a Writer

Well it’s official. I’ve been writing everyday this week, ever since we had class. I have the writers bug. I can’t stop writing and editing poems. I only officially finished one that I posted earlier this week. I was so inspired from everyone. All of the poems were so moving, raw, and inspirational. I cried most of the class. If only I had a poem to read for the class. I really enjoyed everyones poems and short stories. Each person was able to paint a vivid picture. I also enjoyed everyone’s style of writing.

So, I haven’t posted on padlet yet. I’m still thinking about a memory or a story I have that reminds me of Kean. It might have to do with my sister. Hopefully by tomorrow I have something to post. I was a little bummed that the trip to Australia was canceled. I was excited to finally experience a portion of Australia. I guess good things come to those who wait.

I still haven’t tried working with the audio. It will be my mission to try it out. I need to figure out how to play with it. I might record my poem so people can hear my voice. I’m not sure yet. Have a great week everyone.


Class was amazing tonight. An emotional rollercoaster for me. Everyone’s poems and short stories brought me to tears. I could not find anything worth sharing, but I was inspired to write after class. This poem is about my grandmother that I lost 13 years ago. I hope you all enjoy.


It’s been years now,

and I still miss you.

I remember your sweet perfume.

I remember your light brown freckles,

Against your pale white skin.

I can hear you calling me.


With your sweet sultry voice.

I remember your feisty attitude.

You were able to put a person in their place,

With all of your style and grace.

You a strong, yet gentle women.

I remember you.

The last week is what I play in my head.

It’s like a broken record, with sweet and tender memories.

Your wandering wrinkles crashing like an ocean waves through your

Soft yet rough skin.

Your curvy shaped body caressing the bed.

Your loving hands sweeping through my hair.

And lastly your loving lips kissing my forehead one last time.

That last kiss goodbye, with only a love you can give.

Oh, how we miss your words of wisdom.

This is it, your one true legacy.

It took a lot of strength and courage for me to write this. I don’t like to express myself to people, because I have a fear of getting hurt. But sometimes its okay to let my walls fall down.

Week ….. I can’t remember

I can’t remember what week we are on. I’m all over the place. I’ve had two horrible weeks, starting from spring break. My twin sister was in the hospital during spring break, and then I got sick last week with a throat infection and congestion in my chest and nose. But enough about me and my hectic two weeks. I am going to attempt to do the audio, even though I hate the sound of my voice, and the fact that I am digitally challenge. I will prove technology wrong. I’ll have more time to play with it on Friday. Plus I HATE CHECKLIST. I don’t like to follow the rules all the time. I wanted to write/type my blog post, because it doesn’t feel normal not to post each week. I missed class this week, and wished I was there, but I am ready to see you all in a few hours. I can’t believe we are heading to Australia. My dream is coming true tomorrow.

I truly love this class. I am writing in a public area that is wired within the network. I hate showing my writing to people or even posting in general. It makes me nervous, and uncomfortable. But I enjoy every minute of it, because it makes me grow as a writer and a student. I get to see other styles of writing, and learn from everyone that post. As I said in my first post writing in a network like our is like adding a spark and soon spreading a wild fire. This wild fire can change things for the better, and can be an outlet for us to express ourselves, and write things we have never thought of writing.

I want to end this post on a high. I am starting to feel a little comfortable with posting me thought, struggles, and accomplishments on a post. It makes me feel like I’m adding something to the world.




In the Mist of Chaos

This week has been a whirlwind. I enjoyed class this week, from making the human graph, to making gifs and memes. I could not stop giggling in class this week. I was pushed outside of my comfort zone, and enjoyed every minute of it.

This exercise was hilarious. Every time one of my classmates posted their memes or gifs I couldn’t help but laugh. Everyone was a comic genius. I hope to make more memes and gifs in the future now that I know how to make them.



I did go on the Network Effect link. The site was interesting, but made me dizzy. I couldn’t stare at the screen after three minutes. I loved the quote in the beginning explaining how people use technology and how I was going to be in stored for a new experience. Different pictures were shown throughout 7 minutes and 40 seconds. It was based on internet feeds people post throughout every two or three seconds. A sound of a heart beat was playing the whole time.The pictures moved upwards, making me very dizzy. I was a little frightened when the site knew my location and was telling me of a recording, and how I was not allowed on the site for 24 hrs after the minutes were done. I did enjoy how the site seemed to enforce people about limiting their time on the internet. It reminded me of the discussion we had in class. The discussion was about how we need to have a balance with technology and how we use technology. I agree with having a balance with technology. I usually don’t worry about having my phone on me, unless my twin sister is not around. When my sister is not around my phone gives me comfort in knowing that I can text her and have direct communication contact. I hate having my phone around when my sister is with me. Technology is such a distraction and I want to spend my time enjoying life, not swiping through other peoples moments.

I enjoyed the #dda this week.

I love elephants! I guess you can tell by my blog website and my site title. I don’t believe in Elephants being lucky. I believe they are powerful and majestic creatures. For some reason seeing a picture of an elephant on a day that I feel down makes me smile. These creatures are happiness for me.

I enjoyed this post. It gives people more insight on who Victoria is. Well people I have a twin sister and we are complete opposites. People usually say that we still have the umbilical chord attached, but we don’t care. My sister is a big part of me, and I can’t imagine life without her. In some weird way she is my other half.

See you all soon. Getting to know a clumsy elephant more and more by each blog post.