Final Reflection

This semester has been a long journey. I didn’t know what to except from this course. Let alone understand digital story telling. I’m very old fashion and love to stay in my own bubble. I wasn’t comfortable posting online, and struggled to post sometimes. I enjoyed the #dda’s because it was a way for me to get out of my comfort zone and get creative. A true highlight for me is understanding, that when I need help, I should definitely seek help. I struggled throughout the course with being digitally challenge, but everyone was willing to help me. I appreciate all the help that I received throughout the semester.

I enjoyed, the first two months of the semester. Going on virtual tours, or having online video chats and understanding the digital word. This part of class was a learning experience. I didn’t know literature was growing digitally, because I enjoy buying a book at a bookstore and reading it. I enjoy turning the pages of a book, and I love the smell of books. It just brings a sense of comfort.

I loved creating a blog, and being able to style it to my liking. It took me almost half the semester to figure out all of the setting. Plus, I had help by Professor.Levine. But I finally got the hang of things. This class has been an outlet for me. A way for me to connect with others and write creatively. I enjoyed every aspect, of this journey.

My favorite class of this semester is when everyone shared a short story or poem they wrote. I only wish that I had something prepared for that one class.  This class was very emotional and moving. Everyone in class our great writers. I liked to share a short poem inspired by my faith.

Holy Spirit

Tears of Joy flowing down my face.

A burning feeling in my chest.

A weight just lifted off my shoulders.

That my friend is the work of the Holy Spirit.

My broken heart is mending.

My sins are set free

The stress I once felt, has drifted away.

That my friend is the Holy Spirit.

My chains are now broken.

He has set me free.

I’m not the person I once was, because he lives in me.


I think I’m going to continue writing on my blog. It helps me get my voice out in the world. I actually enjoy taking time once a week to write about my accomplishments or downfalls with the digital world. This class has brought me out of my shell a little. I enjoyed every mission, or weekly assignment, it has shown me my strength and weaknesses. I hope that after this journey I continue to grow as a writer, and go beyond my comfort zone.


Till next week…….




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