#DDA and Weekly updates

I’m not sure which week we are on anymore. I can barely keep track since we are moving in a different direction. I fumbled in class a few times when we went through mission one. My laptop would not save the avatar so I had to play with my phone and laptop. I was very frustrated, but didn’t want any help because I knew that after playing around with my computer, I would eventually figure it out. I do want to thank those that helped me throughout the mission. I appreciate the advice and pointers. I am officially ready to start the game this month. I know that Venfir is ready to embark on making a recipe but she informed me that she isn’t sure what she is going to make yet. She opened her basket and shared the ingredients with me.

Level: Chef

Your basket:

Main Ingredients:
software developer
chia seeds
red cabbage

Spice Pack:
1/8 teaspoon of eagerness

1/2 tablespoon of zest


Trying to figure out a recipe for a new portal, or maybe for a device. Only Venfir can figure this out, with the help of her teammates.

On another note I enjoyed doing the #dda’s this week. One must be in tune with their imagination and stomachs for some of the dda post.


and my favorite #dda is from last week, and Professor Levine retweeted my post.

When South and North exchange places you get Victoria’s #dda93 post.

My inspiration was my sister her doesn’t know I took a picture of her map upside down. She herself had installed her map like this once without realizing. When my sidekick helps inspire me with my #dda’s.









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