Week 9- Becoming a Writer

Well it’s official. I’ve been writing everyday this week, ever since we had class. I have the writers bug. I can’t stop writing and editing poems. I only officially finished one that I posted earlier this week. I was so inspired from everyone. All of the poems were so moving, raw, and inspirational. I cried most of the class. If only I had a poem to read for the class. I really enjoyed everyones poems and short stories. Each person was able to paint a vivid picture. I also enjoyed everyone’s style of writing.

So, I haven’t posted on padlet yet. I’m still thinking about a memory or a story I have that reminds me of Kean. It might have to do with my sister. Hopefully by tomorrow I have something to post. I was a little bummed that the trip to Australia was canceled. I was excited to finally experience a portion of Australia. I guess good things come to those who wait.

I still haven’t tried working with the audio. It will be my mission to try it out. I need to figure out how to play with it. I might record my poem so people can hear my voice. I’m not sure yet. Have a great week everyone.


3 thoughts on “Week 9- Becoming a Writer

  1. I am sure somewhere, someone has said that writing is a muscle, and the more you write, the more you explore ideas. One very easy online audio site is Vocaroo — http://vocaroo.com/ — if you want to share your voice without all of the technical aspects.
    Kevin, out in the open


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