Class was amazing tonight. An emotional rollercoaster for me. Everyone’s poems and short stories brought me to tears. I could not find anything worth sharing, but I was inspired to write after class. This poem is about my grandmother that I lost 13 years ago. I hope you all enjoy.


It’s been years now,

and I still miss you.

I remember your sweet perfume.

I remember your light brown freckles,

Against your pale white skin.

I can hear you calling me.


With your sweet sultry voice.

I remember your feisty attitude.

You were able to put a person in their place,

With all of your style and grace.

You a strong, yet gentle women.

I remember you.

The last week is what I play in my head.

It’s like a broken record, with sweet and tender memories.

Your wandering wrinkles crashing like an ocean waves through your

Soft yet rough skin.

Your curvy shaped body caressing the bed.

Your loving hands sweeping through my hair.

And lastly your loving lips kissing my forehead one last time.

That last kiss goodbye, with only a love you can give.

Oh, how we miss your words of wisdom.

This is it, your one true legacy.

It took a lot of strength and courage for me to write this. I don’t like to express myself to people, because I have a fear of getting hurt. But sometimes its okay to let my walls fall down.


6 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. It is a lovely poem, full of memory. This line is the anchor point: “The last week is what I play in my head” — everything else curves around the act of you, the poet, remembering. As I read your poem, I was suddenly remembering my great-grandmother. That’s the gift of poetry. Thank you.


  2. Beautiful! I would have loved to hear you read it in class…I understand that would be impossible because you only wrote it after class. I can’t believe you don’t write poetry more often. It’s great! Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thank you Laura. I was inspired by you. The poems you wrote about your father made me realize how much I need to write about my feelings. I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders. Your poems really moved me to tears. I love your style of writing. I am truly a Laura fan.

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  3. Thank you for sharing that legacy. Like Kevin, the feeling of your grandmother comes through as a presence from the words here, visually, audio, and maybe even aural. Thanks for opening the walls, and know that all those feelings that came from your grandmother are ones you can send to others.

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