Week ….. I can’t remember

I can’t remember what week we are on. I’m all over the place. I’ve had two horrible weeks, starting from spring break. My twin sister was in the hospital during spring break, and then I got sick last week with a throat infection and congestion in my chest and nose. But enough about me and my hectic two weeks. I am going to attempt to do the audio, even though I hate the sound of my voice, and the fact that I am digitally challenge. I will prove technology wrong. I’ll have more time to play with it on Friday. Plus I HATE CHECKLIST. I don’t like to follow the rules all the time. I wanted to write/type my blog post, because it doesn’t feel normal not to post each week. I missed class this week, and wished I was there, but I am ready to see you all in a few hours. I can’t believe we are heading to Australia. My dream is coming true tomorrow.

I truly love this class. I am writing in a public area that is wired within the network. I hate showing my writing to people or even posting in general. It makes me nervous, and uncomfortable. But I enjoy every minute of it, because it makes me grow as a writer and a student. I get to see other styles of writing, and learn from everyone that post. As I said in my first post writing in a network like our is like adding a spark and soon spreading a wild fire. This wild fire can change things for the better, and can be an outlet for us to express ourselves, and write things we have never thought of writing.

I want to end this post on a high. I am starting to feel a little comfortable with posting me thought, struggles, and accomplishments on a post. It makes me feel like I’m adding something to the world.





3 thoughts on “Week ….. I can’t remember

  1. I have to say I enjoy coming back to your blog and reading your thoughts and feelings about the course and the work that we all do. I love seeing and reading about your growth because I learn a lot from other people and their experiences, but also I think it has been ingrained in me as a writing coach to push and strive for others to be able to gain that confidence for themselves; when I see it, I’m just really happy for that individual.


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