In the Mist of Chaos

This week has been a whirlwind. I enjoyed class this week, from making the human graph, to making gifs and memes. I could not stop giggling in class this week. I was pushed outside of my comfort zone, and enjoyed every minute of it.

This exercise was hilarious. Every time one of my classmates posted their memes or gifs I couldn’t help but laugh. Everyone was a comic genius. I hope to make more memes and gifs in the future now that I know how to make them.



I did go on the Network Effect link. The site was interesting, but made me dizzy. I couldn’t stare at the screen after three minutes. I loved the quote in the beginning explaining how people use technology and how I was going to be in stored for a new experience. Different pictures were shown throughout 7 minutes and 40 seconds. It was based on internet feeds people post throughout every two or three seconds. A sound of a heart beat was playing the whole time.The pictures moved upwards, making me very dizzy. I was a little frightened when the site knew my location and was telling me of a recording, and how I was not allowed on the site for 24 hrs after the minutes were done. I did enjoy how the site seemed to enforce people about limiting their time on the internet. It reminded me of the discussion we had in class. The discussion was about how we need to have a balance with technology and how we use technology. I agree with having a balance with technology. I usually don’t worry about having my phone on me, unless my twin sister is not around. When my sister is not around my phone gives me comfort in knowing that I can text her and have direct communication contact. I hate having my phone around when my sister is with me. Technology is such a distraction and I want to spend my time enjoying life, not swiping through other peoples moments.

I enjoyed the #dda this week.

I love elephants! I guess you can tell by my blog website and my site title. I don’t believe in Elephants being lucky. I believe they are powerful and majestic creatures. For some reason seeing a picture of an elephant on a day that I feel down makes me smile. These creatures are happiness for me.

I enjoyed this post. It gives people more insight on who Victoria is. Well people I have a twin sister and we are complete opposites. People usually say that we still have the umbilical chord attached, but we don’t care. My sister is a big part of me, and I can’t imagine life without her. In some weird way she is my other half.

See you all soon. Getting to know a clumsy elephant more and more by each blog post.



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