Boom Boom Boom= Week 5

After hearing the scene from the movie Good Will Hunting, I was amazed by the picture  I was able to see in my head. I never watched the movie, but I have heard about it. I could picture Sean Maguire played by Robin Williams having a conversation with Will Hunting played by Matt Damon in a city street or a park. I could hear vehicles passing by, people having side conversations and passing by. I could hear birds chirping and the frustration in Robin Williams voice. Sound plays a huge role in everyday life. The sounds we hear can paint a picture in our minds. I like comparing sound to writing. When reading a really good book one can picture the characters, settings, scene, and the overall picture the author is painting.

When listening to this scene without the images, you can imagine were the scene is taking place.

A good example of listening to a scene or story without any images would be a podcast. I was listening to a podcast from the truth. The story is called a Drop in the Ocean.

The link directs you to the website. This story grabs my attention because of the different sounds I can hear, and the chaos in the background. The writers made sure the storyline was appealing to grab the ears of every listener.

I have a few words to say about Fan Fiction. It is something I have never heard of. I didn’t know that there are people out their adding to a story because they fell in love with a character. I don’t know if I would ever publish any fan fiction stories, but I find the concept interesting. I don’t know if fan fiction is new to me because I am not well with technology, or the fact that I hate reading online and prefer books. It might have something to do with my race or the culture that surrounds me. I was raised in an old fashion hispanic household. My parents monitored my internet access, phone access, and friends. None of my friends read or wrote fan fiction. So this class is opening my eyes to a new universe. A universe that is digitally connected.

And to end off the post. One thing I enjoyed this week was the Black out poetry. I might try to post a story when I have more time. I learned a few new ways to post videos, and links thanks to Professor. Levine and google. I am still overwhelmed by this course because I feel so behind with the technology. But I shall have no fear because google is near and dear.

See you all Tomorrow you awesome alchemist.
























2 thoughts on “Boom Boom Boom= Week 5

  1. Victoria,

    I really love how you mention the way imagination works with books because I share that exact sentiment. I find that when language is carefully used and word choice is thought out, everything I read can end up as a film reel in my mind. Also, I’m no genius or expert on the computer, but if there is something you need help with, I am open to trying to help you figure it out!


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