Thump, Thump,Thump, and Create

This week has been filled with many adventures. I enjoyed every minute of class this past week. Pechaflickr was a huge highlight for me. The first time we played as a class I was nervous and excited at the same time. The second time around I was ready to add into a wacky storyline. Overall class this week reminded me of elementary and middle school, when I had to write a story on a photograph that my teacher picked out. I used of love creating a story on a random picture. It makes a person feel like they are apart of making a picture  come to life. paradise.jpg

Like this image of a tropical beach. One can create an amazing story about a tropical paradise that has hidden treasure by the coral reefs. Any story that a person creates will be different from one another, but it makes any picture come to life. I also picked this photo because I can’t wait to escape this cold weather. I need some tropical sun.

I have to talk about little alchemy lab. That game was so much fun. I felt like a child, combining different elements together to create something different and new. I spent hours trying to complete new elements and at some points I was excited when I created something new. This game was a huge stress reliever. Makes me feel like a real alchemist.

As for everything else, I am still getting use to writing in a digital word. I am still learning how to add images, videos,etc on my blog. Each week I am learning something new. Unfortunately I am digitally challenged. Hopefully next week I can have an awesome post.

I cannot wait for a new adventure on Wednesday. See you all Wednesday in class or somewhere on the web.











4 thoughts on “Thump, Thump,Thump, and Create

  1. So glad that I am not the only one. I am struggling with the assignments for this week. I have no idea how to create this stuff. But you are off to a great start. We can check on each other’s growth. See you in class.


  2. It’s all about the try, for you and Stephanie. I’m glad you are having fun, and stretching your skills. Being digitally challenged is fine, the problem is if you do not rise to those challenges. And I see your efforts to rise.

    So let’s play with that photo. it is beautiful. And every connotation is that of peace, serenity, relaxation. But what if there was more to the story than that. What if something was mischievous, or deceitful, or … I am not trying to wreck your nice beach! But part of the imagination is subverting the obvious, playing with expectations.

    So my first suggestion is to make more use of hyperlinks in your writing. You see them all the time online, right? It’s what makes this a web!

    What if someone is reading this- how do they know what Pechaflickr or Little Alchemy is? Use links to provide context to your readers. Use them to show connections to other’s work. Use it to provide a connection to your own. For example, you might have shown us a screenshot of your efforts in Little Alchemy, this extends it greatly beyond the words.

    Here is a little guide for adding hyperlinks

    You’re doing great, so don’t get overwhelmed. Well maybe a little overwhelmed, but do no be hesitant to ask for help. If you want to schedule an appointment I can help you change the title of your blog so it is not “Site Title” (which may be intentional, but just in case) and how to make use of those widgets.

    Keep on doing your alchemy!


  3. I need all the help I can get. I need to learn how to add the hyperlinks and everything else. Technology is very frustrating for me. I tend to try and figure out things on my own, but this class is challenging me more than usual. I hope that eventually my blog will be amazing one day soon.


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