Twitter Bots

I didn’t know what to expect when I tweeted a twitter bot. I didn’t really understand why I was tweeted a bot, but I decided on embarking on this journey. The bot responded within ten minutes or less of me tweeting it. It referred me to three different twitter accounts. The questioned I asked was “can you suggest any digital alchemist bots? I am now going to explore the pages of the accounts referred to me. I hope to see some narratives or digital alchemist within these pages. Let the adventure begin. I didn’t enjoy the selection I was given, so instead I tweeted a new question. “Can you recommend any digital storytelling bots. I enjoyed one of the bots given to me. The bot is known for cookery. He or she tweets about different recipes for cooking and baking. Each tweet seems to bind together making a digital cookbook. In this cook book each word is mended and blended to make a story. A story that one must follow in order to get the right outcome. Twitter bots help guide others to follow the right bots. What narrative tweets are your bots tweeting?


2 thoughts on “Twitter Bots

  1. I am just learning about Twitter Bots, too! Part of my mind thinks they are cool and the other part thinks they are dumb–such is the challenge of constantly trying to keep an open mind against my better judgment!
    Your thoughts about them are deeper than mind and help me think.
    Thanks for that!


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